Massimo Carrera believes in his team

Spartak Moscow coach Massimo Carrera believes that his team can win the title again this season.

The manager who brought the first league title after 16 years said that his players are ready for it and that they are keen to keep the title that they have fought for last season.

Massimo Carrera believes that there is great potential in the team and that it will not be a strange feat if the team managed to retain the title. He believes that the players are aware of their potential and that they are ready for it.

Massimo Carrera said that it has been a wonderful campaign last season and that it was a formidable moment for both the players as well as the fans when they lifted up the title. He said that they will be desperate to experience the same thing this season and that the players are prepared to fight for it.

He said that the players have been preparing themselves well and that they are ready for the new season. Massimo Carrera said that the new players that have signed in during the transfer window have adapted well to life in the team and that they should be able to strengthen the team.

The Spartak Moscow coach said that the team would be looking forward to the Champions League campaign as well and they will be hoping that they could make it to the group stage. He said that this is a prestigious competition and that the players are keen to perform in this tournament.

He admitted that it would not be easy, but he said that they want to give themselves every chance. Massimo Carrera said that the fans should be excited this season as the team will be looking to win more trophies.

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