FC Dynamo Moscow is going through a string of dismal events

FC Dynamo Moscow has recently experienced relegation from the top tier Russian League, the Russian Premier League saw Dynamo Moscow finishing the 2015-16 season in the bottom spots and being dropped down to the 2nd tier Russian National Football League.

Suffering relegation is something that just about every club has suffered at any point in time, not all the clubs in the world have been relegated but the vast majority of them have been. However, when it comes to FC Dynamo Moscow this is a very shocking thing to see as the Russian club had never been relegated before.

It’s because of what FC Dynamo Moscow has accomplished in the world of football that Soviet football has been getting more attention for the past decade and historically, their accomplishments have been very important for the world of football in Russia.

In 1963, Lev Yashin became the first Soviet footballer to life the Ballon d’Or title which is awarded to the undisputed best football player and Lev Yashin only performed with Dynamo Moscow in the entirety of his career.

A few years later in 1972, Dynamo Moscow managed to reach the final of a European football competition after reaching the finals in the European Cup, Winners’ Cup and Dynamo Moscow was the first Soviet club that has reached this feat.

All of these accomplishments from Dynamo Moscow helped increase the quality of football in the Soviet Union but they have recently been going through a chain of unmemorable events as Dynamo Moscow was banned from competing in the current season of the Europa League.

Being banned from the Europa League at around the same time that a club suffers relegation is a huge blow for any club to experience but this is exactly what Dynamo Moscow has been living with in the past few months.