Dynamo Moscow is working it’s way back up

Dynamo Moscow is generally considered to be one of the biggest football clubs in Russia as they have consistently been able to perform in the top tier league of Russia from the 1930’s until 2016 when they were relegated for the first time.

The Russian club is now working it’s way back into the Russian Premier League and are currently located at the top spot of the 2nd tier Russian Football National League.

If Dynamo Moscow is able to secure this top position until the remainder of the season then they will earn their promotion back to where they have traditionally been competing for over 50 years.

In the world of football, every country has a club that has been able to represent their nation with impressive achievements and putting the sport on the map not only at a national level but also internationally.

Juventus has been doing this role for Italy while in Germany it’s hard to argue that Bayern Munich are the most dominant club and have been throughout the majority of the sport in Germany.

In Russia, things are slightly more difficult or controversial as Dynamo Moscow haven’t been the most dominant club in the nation but they have made a significant impact which helped put Russian football on the map as they were the first ever Soviet club to tour Western Europe and in 1963, Dynamo Moscow’s iconic goal-keeper Lev Yashin became the first Soviet footballer to win the Ballon D’Or award as he was recognized as the best player in Europe.

Lastly, Dynamo Moscow was the first Soviet club that has managed to get into the finals of a European competition as they faced off with Glasgow Rangers in 1972 and eventually lost 1-2 in the European Cup.

When Dynamo Moscow got relegated in 2016, it was a historic and surprising thing to see as they never had experienced this before but under the guidance of YuriyKalitvintsev, the Russian club appears to be well on their way of getting back to the top tier league in Russia, the Premier League.

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