Dmitry Alenichev has accepted that he has received a request

Dmitry Alenichev has accepted that he has received a request of transfer from the Armenia international Aras Ozbiliz and the midfielder would make an away move soon.

According to Alenichev, Aras believes that he would be playing more if he joins some other club and that’s something which the Spartak coaching Staff agrees to as well. So, by mutual consent, the player and the club would disassociate.

A website quoted the boss as saying, “Aras has not been able to play as many games as he believes he should have after coming back from injury.”

“He himself and we too are of the view that there would be more opportunities for him somewhere else where he can hopefully find his rhythm that he has been struggling for of late.”

Alenichev then revealed that apart from Ozbiliz, there are some others players too who would be on their way out.

“I think a couple others would go too.” said Alenichev.

Although there were no particular names taken, it’s believed out of those “couple” mentioned, one is Yura Movsisyan.

Movsisyan would not be leaving on a permanent basis though, as per the reports, and would only be placed on loan to a Major League Soccer team.

An official confirmation regarding this is, however, yet to come out.

Movsisyan is another Armenia international who has been playing in Russian top tier for 4 years and has shined for Spartak Moscow, but, in parts, not consistently.
He has also gone through run of games where he has not played that well.

If you look at paper, Movsisyan’s numbers look better in comparison to those of Ozbiliz, but, he has had a lot more games to play and that too in the central position. So, making the comparison of him and Ozbiliz, who is a winger, would probably be a little unfair.