Chelsea looks interested to sign Khedira

The January transfer window is over 2 months away from opening and allowing clubs from making a move for players but even though it is such a fairly long period of time away from actually happening, rumors do not stop from emerging and being spread linking certain clubs with certain players and Chelsea is one of the teams that is rumored to be on the move and interested in signing Real Madrid’s Sami Khedira.

Chelsea is a club that is known to not be afraid on spending huge amounts of cash in order to sign their respective targets and the team of Jose Mourinho has an attacking lineup of players which includes: Cesc Fabregas, Oscar, Eden Hazard, Diego Costa and Andre Schurrle.

All of these players have played a huge role in Chelsea’s superb start of the season as those are some of the main goal-scoring machines for the Premier League club but having so many attackers can also cause a problem if the squad does not have any players that can provide backup in the defence and this is why Sami Khedira is constantly being linked with a move to Chelsea.

Sami Khedira is a veteran defensive midfielder who not only has experience playing at a club level but also in the international stage as he has represented Germany in some of the biggest and toughest tournaments in the world.

The German midfielder is a viable option for Chelsea as Khedira is currently performing for Real Madrid but he has lost his place in the starting lineup of the Spanish club and Jose Mourinho could use this chance to sign Khedira without having to spend huge amounts of cash.