Anzhi Makhachkala to return to Russia in the Premier League

The Russian outfit Anzhi Makhachkala is on their way of returning to the top tier league of Russia in the Premier League which is the league where they used to compete some time ago but after being relegated, making a return to that league has turned into of the main objectives of the club.

Anzhi is positioned in the 1rst spot of the Russian National Football League with 51 points but their nearest rivals is Tosno which are following them closely behind with 49 points as the race for the top spot is being tightly between these 2 teams.

Even though Anzhi Makhachkala is making a genuine run for the top position of the league and are going through an impressive campaign, there was an incident which occurred that has turned things around in a very negative way for the Russian club and it’s supporters

Earlier in January of the ongoing year, the 20 year old midfielder GasanMagomedov was shot dead near his home. According to statements that have been released to the public, the player was driving to his home on a Saturday night when suddenly an unknown man with a shotgun started spraying bullets with a machine gun.

Magomedov used to perform in the youth academy of Anzhi Makhachkala and after the incident occurred, the Russian club expressed their condolences to the family and friends of the player through a statement which read: “We console with Gasan’s family. I hope the law-enforcement bodies will quickly find the killers and they will receive just punishment.”

Dagestan was the region where everything took place and it has recently been experiencing a number of outbreaks involving Islamist activities.

The police still have not been able to find the actual perpetrators of the shooting, investigations are gong underway and a suspected was arrested and it has now been revealed that Magomedov was not the actual target of the shooting but no further news have been announced.